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Kineton C of E Primary School

Year 4

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Curriculum Planning

Year 4 Long Term Planning

Knowledge Organisers 

Knowledge Organisers are provided to parents termly via e-mail. Knowledge organisers summarise the key facts and information that children need to learn throughout the topic.  They are not the whole curriculum but a summary of some of the key points. Knowledge organisers can be used as a helpful tool for discussion, quizzes and learning. Referred to regularly, they can support children to transfer this knowledge from the short term to long term memory. You may wish to:

  • Display them somewhere at home
  • Talk to your child about what they have been learning
  • Quiz each other about what they (and you) can remember!
  • Use to refer to new language and vocabulary

Regular retrieval of knowledge helps us remember more effectively. It helps us store and recall knowledge from the long-term memory and frees up space in the working memory to take on new knowledge.