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Kineton C of E Primary School


Maths National Curriculum & Ready to Progress Mapping
Maths Intent

At KPS, we strive to equip children for the modern world through teaching them the importance of mathematics and interconnected discipline; ensuring children are fluent, can reason and solve problems both in a mathematical context and the real world.

Children acquire a secure and deep understanding of core fluency facts which can be applied to a wide range of calculations. They confidently make links through small steps which enables them to reason and solve problems, explaining their thinking using mathematical vocabulary.  Children collaborate and are resilient learners leading them to build confidence and experience success in this interconnected discipline. 

There is the equivalent of five daily Maths lessons each week. As with English, this can be flexible to suit the learning occurring in class that week.  A Retrieval Practice→Clarify→Practice→Extend→Review model over several lessons works well, giving opportunities to provide further clarification through whole class teaching followed by specific practice. The aim is to move children towards independence, so careful scaffolding of support is in place, with the responsibility slowly shifting over to the children for their learning.

We use retrieval practice to deliver starts of lessons and develop arithmetic skills based on CLIC - Counting, Learn its, It’s nothing new, Calculation. In EYFS and Key Stage 1, the NECTM Mastering Number program secures firm foundations in the development of number sense ensuring children will leave KS1 with fluency in calculation and a confidence and flexibility with number.

We follow the The White Rose Maths long term and medium term plans to deliver the Maths curriculum.

Numbots (Reception and Year 1) and Times Tables Rockstars (Year 2 - Year 6) are used for home learning.